Ballet & Dance

Series “Where Are We Going?” (1)


Written by: Guo Shixing

Directed by: Uyama Hitoshi

April 2006

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Serial plans by Kuriyama Tamiya, Artistic Director for the Drama Division, have now become an integral part of the NNTT’s drama programming.In the series “Times and Memories,” which launched his serial plans and featured leading rival contemporary playwrights, a series of new works that sharply reflected various present day social problems were performed.Subsequently, similar series were planned based on diverse subjects, including “Chekhov: The Work of the Soul,” “To the Present: Japanese Drama,” “Scenes of Men and Women” and “Laughter,” and were all well received.For this season, Kuriyama proposes a future version of “Times and Memories,” as the starting point of his serial plans.Focusing on “memory for the future,” something that we have to continue into the future and hand over to posterity, he will put four plays on the stage.This concept is embodied in this year’s series title “Where Are We Going?”
The first in the series is a new work by Guo Shixing, the Chinese writer who in July 1999 made his sensational debut at the NNTT with his Go Man.As China undergoes rapid changes, he portrays the transition of the times and the people buffeted by them from his own perspective, which has attracted attention both in China and abroad.He is now writing a trilogy of dignity under the theme “What is the dignity of man?” and using toilets and crematories as his motifs.The director is Uyama Hitoshi, a sensitive and original stage director, who staged Copenhagen at the NNTT in October and November 2001 in a particularly intellectual manner.This international exchange will further heighten expectations for performances of the play that should not be missed.