Ballet & Dance

Black Tulip / Modoken (Performed on alternate days)

Written and Supervised by: Kara Juro
Kara Juro

Directed by: Nakano Atsushi

Members of the performance group "Karazemi"

September-October 2005

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The season opener is by Kara Juro, the long-awaited first performance of his work at the NNTT.The director is Nakano Atsushi, Kara’s favorite student and the representative of the theater company Kara Seminar. The young, energetic director, who has inherited the original spirit and brilliance of the works, will create a 21st-century version of Kara’s drama.In this production, two works, Black Tulip and Modoken, are chosen from among Kara’s great oeuvre and will be performed on alternate days. As opposed to the “red-tent” performances that have become enormously popular, performances of these two works at The Loft will certainly give them a different color, drawing the attention of many drama enthusiasts, and will likely be long remembered.