Ballet & Dance

Les contes d’Hoffmann
Music by Jacques Offenbach
4 performances

November 27(Sun)3:00pm, 30(Wed)6:30pm, December 3(Sat)3:00pm and 6(Tue)6:30pm 2005

Conductor: Ban Tetsuro
Production & Scenery Design & Lighting: Philippe Arlaud
Costume Design: Andrea Uhmann
Choreographer: Ueda Haruka


Hoffmann: Klaus Florian Vogt
Nicklausse / La Muse: Kanoh Etsuko
Olympia: Yoshihara Keiko
Antonia: Sunakawa Ryoko
Giulietta: Morita Masami
Lindorf / Coppélius / Miracle / Dapertutto: James Morris

Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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The poet Hoffmann can only live in the world of dreams deviating from realities. An opera of fantasy hovering between dreams and reality, Les Contes d’Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann) is definitely art’s song in praise of art. The keywords in Philippe Arlaud’s direction are love, sex, and death. Three destructive dramas that unfold in sequence to romantic and madly passionate music convey the fragrance of fin-de-siècle Paris. Enjoy the fantastic production of the opera by Arlaud, also known as a “magician of colors.”
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Les Contes d’Hoffmann
The setting is a tavern next to the opera house. The poet Hoffmann begins telling stories of past love with three women: falling in love with Olympia, a mechanical doll; his shadow being taken by the courtesan Giulietta; and his consumptive lover Antonia being coaxed to sing one last time, draining her of her last breath. The tales over, Hoffman falls into despair over the emptiness of love, getting drunk. Whereupon the Muse appears before him.

<Conductor> <Production>
Ban Tetsuro Philippe Arlaud
Ban Tetsuro Philippe Arlaud
<Main Cast >
Kanoh Etsuko James Morris
Klaus Florian
Kanoh Etsuko James Morris
Yoshihara Keiko Sunakawa Ryoko Morita Masami
Yoshihara Keiko Sunakawa Ryoko Morita Masami