Ballet & Dance

New Production
Die Fledermaus

Music by Johann Strauss Π
6 performances

June 14(Wed)6:30pm, 17(Sat)3:00pm, 20(Tue)6:30pm, 23(Fri)7:00pm, 26(Mon)6:30pm and 28(Wed)2:00pm 2006

Conductor: Johannes Wildner
Production: Heinz Zednik
Scenery & Costume Design: Olaf Zombeck
Lighting Design: Tatsuta Yuji


Gabriel von Eisenstein: Wolfgang Brendel
Rosalinde: Nancy Gustafson
Frank: Sergei Leiferkus
Prinz Orlofsky: Elena Zhidkova
Alfred: Mizuguchi Satoshi
Dr.Falke: Paul Armin Edelmann
Adele: Nakajima Akiko

Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Die Fledermaus (The Bat) is a masterpiece in operetta of Johann Strauss II, the King of the Waltz. The pleasure-loving, yet satirical story and the wonderful music, including fascinating waltzes and polkas, splendid arias, delightful ensembles, and the rich finale, excite the audience. The baton of Johannes Wildner, the leading conductor for Strauss’s music, adds to the color of the direction by Heinz Zednik, the tenor who is a real actor and the pride of Vienna, to deliver a highly artistic performance to the audience.
Adele, a maid for the Eisensteins, is feeling restless because she has been invited to a party to be given by Prince Orlofsky. Eisenstein is infuriated as he is going to prison, but Dr. Falke secretly suggests that they both should go to the party. Eisenstein’s wife, Rosalinde, also arrives at Orlofsky’s party masked. Various guests gather with different intentions in their minds. Falke whispers to the prince, “I will show you a piece of entertainment entitled ‘Revenge by the bat.’”

<Conductor> <Production>
Johannes Wildner Heinz Zednik
Johannes Wildner Heinz Zednik
<Main Cast >
Wolfgang Brendel Nancy Gustafson Sergei Leiferkus Elena Zhidkova
Wolfgang Brendel Nancy Gustafson Sergei Leiferkus Elena Zhidkova
Mizuguchi Satoshi Paul Armin Edelmann Nakajima Akiko
Mizuguchi Satoshi Paul Armin
Nakajima Akiko