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Così fan tutte
Così fan tutte

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4 performances

February 4(Sat)5:00pm, 6(Mon)6:30pm, 9(Thu)6:30pm and 11(Sat)3:00pm 2006

Conductor: Olaf Henzold
Production: Kornelia Repschläger
Scenery & Costume Design: Davide Pizzigoni
Lighting Design: Isono Mutsumi


Fiordiligi: Ricarda Merbeth
Dorabella: Elena Zhidkova
Despina: Nakajima Akiko
Ferrando: Raúl Hernández
Guglielmo: Rudolf Rosen
Don Alfonso: Wolfgang Schöne

Orchestra: The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

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Così fan tutte is the second in the series of operas performed in commemoration of the Mozart Year.As the subtitle La Scuola degli Amanti (The School for Lovers) suggests, the opera consists of a frivolous story in which two couples swap partners.However, it is a masterpiece that provides a sharp insight into the delicate feelings of men and women and reveals the true nature of human beings, including their foolishness.The well-balanced ensemble, which expresses the complexity of wavering sentiments, is so beautiful that it could be described as the ultimate culmination of Mozart’s music.Look forward to exquisite performances by the cast of popular singers in this production, too.
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The officers Guglielmo and Ferrando are engaged to the beautiful sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella. The two officers decide to test the fidelity of their sweethearts, they pretend that they have been ordered away by their regiment and bid the sisters a false farewell. Later, disguised as Albanians, the two men court Fiordiligi and Dorabella passionately. The two girls weaken little by little. First, Dorabella yields to her sister’s fiancé Guglielmo, and finally, Fiordiligi also succumbs to Ferrando after much resistance.

<Conductor> <Production>
Olaf Henzold Kornelia Repschläger
Olaf Henzold Kornelia
<Main Cast >
Ricarda Merbeth Elena Zhidkova Nakajima Akiko
Ricarda Merbeth Elena Zhidkova Nakajima Akiko
Raúl Hernández Rudolf Rosen Wolfgang Schöne
Raúl Hernández Rudolf Rosen Wolfgang Schöne