Ballet & Dance

Educational Programme for High School Students
Madama Butterfly

Music by Giacomo Puccini
6 performances

July 11(Mon)1:00pm, 12(Tue)1:00pm, 13(Wed)1:00pm, 14(Thu)1:00pm, 15(Fri)1:00pm and 16 (Sat)1:00pm 2005

Conductor: Misawa Hirofumi
Production: Kuriyama Tamiya
Scenery Design: Shima Jiro
Costume Design: Maeda Ayako
Lighting Design: Katushiba Jiro

July 2005 11, 13, 15 12, 14, 16
Madama Butterfly Seki Sadako Kohama Taemi
Pinkerton Mizuguchi Satoshi Higuchi Tatsuya
Sharpless Izumi Ryohei Kuroda Hiroshi
Suzuki Nakasugi Tomoko Miwa Yoko

Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


Available from Sunday 5 June, 2005
Senior high-school students only.

All Seats Reserved: ¥2,100(tax included)
Senior high-school students only.

Enjoy a genuine opera for your first experience.
Such is the NNTT’s wish when it hosts an opera appreciation class for high school students.Even if it is called an “opera appreciation class,” it consists of a full-length performance of an opera using the same scenery as for its regular performance and giving it subtitles along with the original language.This year’s class features Madama Butterfly, the masterpiece by Puccini.Attention is focused on the new direction by Kuriyama Tamiya, Artistic Director for the NNTT’s Drama Division.This year, in order to meet the ardent wishes of high school students, the NNTT will increase the number of performances, including those given on Saturday.The NNTT invites you to visit the theatre in order to experience a powerful live operatic performance by singers and an orchestra.