Ballet & Dance

New Production
Commissioned Work, World Première
~To Die for Love~

Libretto by Setouchi Jakucho
Music by Miki Minoru
3 performances

February 17(Fri)6:30pm, 18(Sat)3:00pm and 19(Sun)3:00pm 2006

Conductor: Otomo Naoto
Production: Eagawa Tomomi
Scenery Design: Arata Ryo
Costume Design: Goda Takehide

February 2006 17(Fri) & 19(Sun) 18(Sat)
Sakurako / Ryurei Kamahora Yuko Izumi Chika
Ono Kiyoto Idane Yasuhiko Akitani Naoyuki
Emperor Gensyo Hoshino Jun Imao Shigeru
Empress Koki Usami Ruri Dekita Michiko
Abe no Nakamaro=Chokei Tanaka Makoto Ono Mitsuhiko
Prince Wakakusa Kuroda Hiroshi Maiya Takehiko

Ryurei <Pipa Player>:Yang Jing
Orchestra:The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

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Miki Minoru has written operas that depict the spirit of each period in Japanese history. In this production, he will unveil a masterwork with Nara, Kentoshi (Japanese mission to Tang Dynasty China), and pipa (Chinese lute, in Japan pronounces biwa) as its keywords, which is a summation of his past efforts. This is the first libretto written by Setouchi Jakucho, and features the story of a young man who goes over to China as a member of a Kentoshi mission, and beautiful twin sisters. The drama views uninhibited love and the overcoming of deep-seated hatred of persons toyed with by fate as the destiny of human beings that is shared by people today. This is a gem of an opera with a view of court life in ancient Japan and China, and a most treasured piece of pipa music never before allowed to have been performed out of court, as woven by the story.
In the mid-eighth century, Ono Kiyoto, a Kentoshi member, receives a strict order from Empress Shomyo of Japan to bring back without fail a pipa music entitled “Ai-en,” which Princess Kohki of the Tang dynasty reserves only for the initiated. He has just married Sakurako but leaves his new wife at home and departs for China. Despite shipwrecks and other unfortunate events, he arrives in the Chinese capital of Chang’an partly because his innate skills in the game of go are recognized and meets Emperor Gensho and his consort Kohki. At Gensho’s court, he encounters the unrivaled pipa player Ryurei, who has become one of the princess’ ladies-in-waiting, after passing through strange vicissitudes of fortune.

<Libretto> <Music>
Setouchi Jakucho Miki Minoru
Setouchi Jakucho Miki Minoru
<Conductor> <Production>
Otomo Naoto Eagawa Tomomi
Otomo Naoto Eagawa Tomomi
<Main Cast>
Kamahora Yuko Idane Yasuhikko Hoshino Jun
Kamahora Yuko Idane Yasuhiko Hoshino Jun
Izumi Chika  Akitani Naoyuki Imao Shigeru
Izumi Chika Akitani Naoyuki Imao Shigeru