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Roland Petitís La Chauve-souris

6 performances

May 19(Fri)7:00pm, 20(Sat)3:00pm, 21(Sun)3:00pm, 26(Fri)7:00pm, 27(Sat)3:00pm
and 28(Sun)3:00pm 2006

Choreography: Roland Petit
Music: Johann Strauss Fils
Répétiteur and Assistant to Choreographer: Luigi Bonino
Scenery: Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Costumes: Luisa Spinatelli
Lighting: Marion Hewlett / Patrice Lechevallier

Conductor: David Garforth
Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

May 2006


20(Sat)3:00pm 21(Sun)3:00pm
Bella Alessandra Ferri Alessandra Ferri Alessandra Ferri
Johann Robert Tewsley Robert Tewsley Robert Tewsley
May 2006 26(Fri)7:00 27(Sat)3:00 28(Sun)3:00pm
Bella Kusakari Tamiyo Matada Kumiko Yukawa Mamiko
Johann Yamamoto Ryuji Morita Kentaro Yamamoto Ryuji

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The charm of La Chauve-souris by Roland Petit, a great master in contemporary ballet, is the spectacular development of the story based on free interpretations of the homonymous operetta and the refined flavor of dancing.Delightful dancing full of Petit’s characteristic wit develops to Johann Straus II’s music.The ballet is, of course, concluded with Vienna waltzes.This wonderful work makes the audience feel splendid and happy as soon as the curtain rises.
Roland Petitís La Chauve-souris 1
Stage Photo(performed in 2002) Act2
Bella: Alessandra Ferri
Every night, Johann puts on a bat’s wings and flies off.Bella, troubled by her husband’s pleasure-seeking at night, consults with her friend Ulrich and starts a strategy of disguising herself as a mysterious beauty to seduce her husband.One night, Johann is captivated by her at a café and chases her without knowing that she is his own wife.He is soon involved a fracas and arrested.What will happen to the married couple’s love?
Roland Petitís La Chauve-souris 2
Stage Photo(performed in 2002) Act1

Alessandra Ferri Kusakari Tamiyo Matada Kumiko Yukawa Mamiko
Alessandra Ferri Kusakari Tamiyo Matada Kumiko Yukawa Mamiko
Yamamoto Ryuji Morita Kentaro
Yamamoto Ryuji Morita Kentaro

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