Ballet & Dance

Nacho Duato Program

4 performances

March 23(Thu)7:00pm, 24(Fri)7:00pm, 25(Sat)3:00pm and 26(Sun)3:00pm 2006

Nacho Duato
Choreography: Nacho Duato

Por Vos Muero (New Production)
Music: Old Spain music –XV and XVI-

Jardi Tancat
Music: Maria del Mar Bonet

Music: Claude Debussy

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Price 8,400 6,300 5,250 3,150


Nacho Duato is active in the global arena as a darling of contemporary dance circles and his name is on everyone’s lips.Up to now, the NNTT has included Duende and Jardí Tancat, two gems of contemporary ballet that have depth, in its repertoire.Three of Duato’s works, including the newly added Por Vos Muero, into which the Spanish dancer/choreographer put his passionate love for his native country and Catalonia, will be performed together under the title “The World of Nacho Duato” to approach his world view and his ballet’s sense of speed.

Por Vos Muero
Por Vos Muero
Jardi Tancat
Jardi Tancat (performed in 2003)
Duende (performed in 2002)

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