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5 performances

June 24(Sat)3:00pm, 25(Sun)2:00pm, 30(Fri)6:30pm, Jury 1(Sat)3:00pm and 2(Sun)2:00pm 2006

Choreography: Jean Coralli / Jules Perrot / Marius Petipa
Music: Adolphe Adam
Revised by: Konstantin Sergeyev
Supervised by: Natalia Dudinskaya

Conductor: Ermanno Florio
Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

June 2006 24(Sat)3:00pm 25(Sun)2:00pm 30(Fri)6:30pm
Giselle Motojima Miwa Saito Miho Nishiyama Yuko*
Albert Denis Matvienko Yamamoto Ryuji Benjamin Pech
July 2006 1(Sat)3:00pm 2(Sun)2:00pm
Giselle Atsugi Mia Motojima Miwa*
Albert Denis Matvienko Benjamin Pech
*The role of Giselle on 30 June and 2 July , which Clairemarie Osta had been scheduled to dance, will be performed by Nishiyama Yuko (30 June) and Motojima Miwa (2 July).

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Marking the end of the season is Giselle, which is celebrated as the unsurpassed masterpiece of Romantic ballet.While Act I depicts an idyllic village scene, the scenery completely changes and a fantastic world of spirits unfolds in Act II.Giselle, the heroine who keeps her single-hearted love for her lover throughout the two contrasting scenes, moves many people deeply and has enjoyed enduring popularity worldwide.This is a repeat production of Giselle and its first performance at the NNTT in three years.
Stage Photo(performed in 2002)
The peasant girl Giselle learns that her lover is in fact a nobleman named Albrecht, who is betrothed to the daughter of a duke, and is so shocked that she goes mad and eventually dies.At night, in the woods, Albrecht visits Giselle’s grave and is almost killed by the Wilis, vengeful spirits; but Giselle, who still loves him even after her death, intervenes to save him from her fellow spirits.

Motojima Miwa Saito Miho Atsugi Mia Nishiyama Yuko
Motojima Miwa Saito Miho Atsugi Mia Nishiyama Yuko
Denis Matvienko Yamamoto Ryuji Benjamin Pech
Denis Matvienko Yamamoto Ryuji Benjamin Pech

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