Ballet & Dance

Dance Planet No.18
Afternoon of Faun and his Nymph
4 performances

September 16(Fri)7:00pm, 17(Sat)3:00pm, 18(Sun)3:00pm and 19(Mon)3:00pm 2005

Hirayama Motoko
Ran Konomi & Shimizu Fumihito
Hanayagi Seira & Ito Takuji
Michael Schumacher & Alessio Silvestrin
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  Seat A Seat B
Price 5,250 3,150

This season’s program also includes a plan for bringing together rival dancers of marked individuality who have exciting dance techniques and have attracted public attention in recent years.The list of dancers also includes performers who have won medals in competitions, artists invited from overseas, as well as Spanish and Japanese classical dancers. Dance Planet No. 18 is a delightful concert that enables the audience to enjoy a wide variety of dances, including duets by male and female dancers as well as those by male dancers only who formerly performed at the Frankfurt Ballet.

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