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New Production
New National Theatre Emerald Project No.1
Carmen by Ishii Jun
Choreography : Ishii Jun
Music by Georges Bizet
Libretto by Kodama Akiko
Set Design : Asakura Setsu
Costume Design : Maeda Ayako
Lighting Design : Sawada Yuji
Choreography:Ishii Jun


March 2005

Friday 25 7:00pm

Saturday 26 6:00pm Sunday 27 3:00pm
Carmen Sakai Hana Yukawa Mamiko Motojima Miwa
Don José Yamamoto Ryuji Ilgiz Galimullin Kaikawa Tetsuo
*Performers and production staff are subject to change due to unavoidable reasons.
Sakai Hana
Yukawa Mamiko
Motojima Miwa
Don José
Yamamoto Ryuji
Ilgiz Galimullin
<Moscow Classical Ballet>
Kaikawa Tetsuo

Available from Sunday 20 February, 2005 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999(10:00am-6:00pm)

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Up to now, through its J-Ballet series, the NNTT has created ambitious ballet works by young choreographers. In the Emerald Project, which begins this season, the NNTT will propose the creation of new ballet works with a narrative-like structure to choreographers in Japan and abroad, thus striving to expand the repertoire of the NNTT's original works. It wishes to create new, youthful and energetic ballets with novel and exciting choreography, which will be valued by the audience as gems in its repertoire, as is reflected in the project name.
The first in the series is Carmen by Ishii Jun. Ishii has published a number of works in the past, and for the NNTT, he choreographed Bonsho no Koe (The Voice of the Bell), the work commissioned for the grand opening of the theatre, and Juniya (The Twelfth Night), performed as part of the J-Ballet series.
Based on the very famous opera composed by Georges Bizet, Carmen is a story of passion in which persons of flesh and blood clash with one another. Since the opening of the NNTT, Ishii has guided the New National Theatre Ballet as its ballet master and as such he has a full knowledge of the characteristics of individual dancers in the company. High expectations are placed on the dramatic development of the story by his elaborate choreography and direction.

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