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The New National Theatre, Tokyo, Opens the 2011/2012 Play Season with the Premiere of The Decline and Fall of Suzaku

The New National Theatre, Tokyo, opened its 2011/2012 play season today with the premiere of The Decline and Fall of Suzaku. This is the first piece in a three-work series titled "Beauty x Play - Finding Beauty in Ruin," which kicks off the season, and it was directed by NNTT Artistic Director Miyata Keiko herself.

Director Miyata spoke enthusiastically about the play, noting, gThe theme of this work is what to believe in and what to protect in 1945—a year that was a major turning point for Japan. It is a piece that is not performed often, but it is an extremely attractive piece in its beautiful, flowing lines characteristic of Mishima Yukio, its powerful thematic focus, and the fact that the characters express conflicts as real flesh and blood people. Thanks to the performances by a wonderful cast of actors, we have created a fabulous piece. I hope that everyone will come to see it.h

Artistic Director Miyata Keiko greets patrons

A scale model of the stage setting for The Decline and Fall of Suzaku (artwork by Ikeda Tomoyuki)

The Decline and Fall of Suzaku and other works by Mishima on sale at the book corner

Patrons intently read panels explaining the three plays that comprise "Beauty x Playh

Welcome banners greet patrons