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Message from Mr. Yves Abel, conductor of Opera Madama Butterfly
-Admiration for Così fan tutte-

It is our pleasure to introduce a message from Mr. Yves Abel, conductor of Opera Madama Butterfly. He enjoyed the first day of Così fan tutte on Sunday, May 29.

"I wanted to express my admiration for the Cosi production by saying that I thought it was superb. I have conducted the opera several times, and found it to be insightful, correct in its subtexts, understanding of the subtleties and intricacies of the text, and always engaging.

It is not easy to do a good production of Cosi, and Damiano made it entertaining, sensitive, and always musical.

Together with a fine musical rendering, it was a very enjoyable afternoon! Thank you.

Yves Abel

Così fan tutte May 29 (Sun) - June 11(Sat)
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Madama Butterfly June 6 (Mon) - June 18(Sat)
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Mr. Yves Abel with Fukuchi Shigeo, president of New National Theatre, Tokyo