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David Bintley and the artists of NBJ will give a talk on 2011/2012 season

Ballet Talk on Saturday 22 January, 17:10

The Artistic Director David Bintley will give a talk after La Bayadère show on Saturday 22 January (approximately at 17:10). He talks about the 2011/2012 season just announced on the website.
Admission free and no advanced booking necessary for anyone who will join. All you need to do is just simply walk into the auditorium of opera house and secure your seat. The dancers of the National Ballet of Japan will also participate in the talk event. We hope all the ballet fans will come along and share the excitement of upcoming programmes for next 2011/2012 season with us.

Dancers:Yamamoto Ryuji, Kawamura Maki, Yukawa Mamiko, Motojima Miwa,
Ono Ayako, Nagata Kayo, Fukuoka Yudai, Yonezawa Yui, Sugano Hideo

to view the 2011/2012 season introductory note by David Bintley, click here