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Principal roles casting posted for Aladdin in May 2011

May 2(Mon) / May 5(Thu)
Aladdin: Yamamoto Ryuji
Princess Badr al-Budar: Motojima Miwa

May 3(Tue) / May 6(Fri) / May 8(Sun)
Aladdin: Yahata Akimitsu
Princess Badr al-Budar: Ono Ayako

May 4(Wed) / May 7(Sat)
Aladdin: Fukuoka Yudai
Princess Badr al-Budar: Saito Miho

Tickets will be on sale: Dec.11, 2010
<Advanced Booking available for The Atre Friends> Nov.27 - Dec.7
call box office: +81-(0)3-5352-9999

You can find out about the performance details of Aladdin by clicking here

above from left to right: Yamamoto Ryuji as Aladdin, Motojima Miwa as Princess Badr al-budar, Ono Ayako as Princess Badr al-budar, Yahata Akimitsu as Aladdin Photos: Seto Hidemi