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Two finest dance pieces from NNTT will be performed
at the 17th International Istanbul Theatre Festival

NNTT is pleased to announce that we recieved the invitation to the International Istanbul Theatre Festival this year and will participate the festival with “Yoroboshi” and “the Rite of Spring” programme dated on June 8, two finest dance pieces created at NNTT.

Photo below: Hirayama Motoko (right) and Yanagimoto Masahiro in “the Rite of Spring”.
Hirayama and Yanagimoto created the piece with the distinctive score by Stravinsky played by two pianists.
The piece can be also seen at New National Theatre Tokyo as a part of Stravinsky Evening programme in December of this year.

Moriyama Kaiji’s "Yoroboshi" is a unique dance piece performed by two dancers, Moriyama himself and co-choreograhper Kagaya Kaori, along with Noh actor Tsumura Reijiro who is one of the designated holders of Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. Traditional Japanese “Noh” and contemporary dance merge in perfect harmony to create a beautiful dancing poem.

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