Artistic Director, Opera for 2009/2010 Season Opera

The Board of Directors of the New National Theatre Foundation (NNTF), meeting on September 2 for its second session in fiscal 2009, has decided to appoint an acting artistic director to provide artistic direction for 2009/2010 Season Opera, resolving as follows:

1. Opera productions in the 2009/2010 season will follow the plans prepared by the late Mr. Wakasugi Hiroshi, former NNTT Artistic Director, Opera. Prior to his decease, Mr. Wakasugi had finalized the season lineup and completed nearly all of the required casting and staffing. Relevant public notices have also been issued. Accordingly, the NNTT will exert all-out efforts to realize the productions planned by the late director.

2. In view of the foregoing, no new artistic director will be appointed for the 2009/2010 season.

3. Meanwhile, there will be a need for someone to make final artistic decisions on such aspects as selecting the few remaining cast and staff members and dealing with any changes in staff and cast already selected. Accordingly, Mr. Otaka Tadaaki, currently serving as Artistic Consultant and expected to be the next Artistic Director, Opera, will be requested to serve simultaneously as acting artistic director for 2009/2010 season Opera to carry out the scheduled productions in line with the plans and artistic intent of Mr. Wakasugi. Mr. Otaka’s term as an acting artistic director will continue up to August 31, 2010.