Notification of Death of Mr. Hiroshi Wakasugi,
Artistic Director (Opera)

July 23, 2009

New National Theatre, Tokyo
Tokyo Concerts, Inc.

New National Theatre, Tokyo (NNTT) deeply regrets to announce that Hiroshi Wakasugi, 74, passed away of multiple organ failure at 18:15 on July 21, 2009, at a Tokyo hospital. Mr. Wakasugi was Artistic Director (Opera) of the NNTT, Director of NNT Opera Studio, and a Conductor with Tokyo Concerts Inc.
NNTT has greatly valued Mr. Wakasugi’s contribution to the artistic work at the theatre and will miss him deeply.
A private funeral and memorial service was held by close family members today.
A public memorial service will be organized at a later date. Details will be announced on the NNTT web-site in due course.

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