Inaugural address by new Artistic Consultant(Opera),
Mr. Otaka Tadaaki

OtakaTadaaki I was hooked into the world of opera while I was studying abroad in Vienna. I went and saw over 180 performances a year at theatres like the “Staatsoper” and “Volksoper.” Everything came as a cultural shock to me; how deeply opera is integrated into the citizens’ lives, the wide breadth of their repertoire, and the astounding proficiency of the orchestras. I was in the standing room almost every night, but among all, the most awe inspiring performance was the “Der Ring des Nibelungen” conducted by Holst Stein.
However, I also had the misfortune of being denied observing one of their practices.
When I mentioned that “I know Mr. Stein from Japan,” I was told, “But it is just impossible. There will be no practices. It will be performed without rehearsal.” That left me in utter amazement. On top of it, the actual performance was just spectacular.

The New National Theatre, Tokyo has had a very fruitful first 10 years. However, I wish that this theatre will shape its wonderful history and become an oasis for the artistic community as 50 or 100 more years pass by.
Though my ability is limited, I will make my best effort to make plans with affection from the bottom of my heart.
Your opinions are always welcomed.

We look forward to having a wonderful season with you.

Otaka Tadaaki
Artistic Consultant (Opera)
New National Theatre,Tokyo