Greetings by Artistic Director(Opera),
Mr. Thomas Novohradsky
"From Figaro to Rosenkavalier"

There is a little bit more than 100 years between Le Nozze di Figaro and Rosenkavalier, but what a century of changes did the music world undergo. Mozart kicked the door open, which gave the world the most wonderful opera following his footsteps. It was 4 years ago when I started my tour as an artistic director opera with Le Nozze di Figaro and I finished my tour with Rosenkavalier. After all the turbulent times of the 2 years of preparations for my seasons, where the traditional way of producing opera and new idea of producing opera in the most competitive way caused some storms, the premiere of Le Nozze di Figaro, opened the door to the new world. From the very first moment, the artists and I felt the strong needs and curiosity from the audience to enjoy opera as their inspiring partner, then a bare consumer. We also felt how much the audience wanted to compete with the other top opera houses of the world, being proud of their NNTT and their artists. The members of the house, chorus, orchestra, soloists and me understood we have to give our best to fulfill this dream. Once the door has been successfully opened with Figaro, there was no way of return. It took 2 years till we got the international recognition that NNTT is able to compete with a house like Bavarian Staatsoper. Meistersinger confirmed in direct competition the value of NNTT and its rightful place among the 12 best opera houses in the world. Japanese artists and staff proved that together with international top artists can form a top house and even set new trends. Productions and singers are now going from Tokyo out to the world. I am deeply thankful for the great dedication of all the artists from Japan and overseas, the chorus, Tokyo Philharmonics and Tokyo Symphony, the technical department and all the other members who made this dream come true. Soon NNTT will celebrate its 10th anniversary as a proud member of distinguished opera houses, where top artists from the whole world want and need to work. I am convinced that NNTT has now the abilities to make further progress. More important it has an audience who loves their house and inspires their artists. It has been my great privilege to serve for this noble cause. It will be my utmost happiness to witness the continued success of NNTT in the future, as this house, artists, members and audience will always be a part of me.

Artistic Director (Opera)
Thomas Novohradsky