Mr.Giuseppe Giacomini has
his 64th Birthday at NNTT

There was the event in the day of dress rehearsal of "Cavalleria Rusticana & I Pagliacci" to celebrate 64th Birth Day of Mr.Giuseppe Giacomini as Canio of "I Pagliacci".
During the rehearsing curtain call, Mr.Novohradsky in stead of Maestro suddenly appeared on the stage with BD Cake.
Followed after that, all the casts and staff sung "Happy Birthday song" accompanied by Tokyo Phil.
" It was such a great pleasure to have a birth day celebrated by the casts and staff of the theatre", said, Giacomini who is deeply moved.

T.Novohradsky(Artistic Director), R.Rosen(Silvio),
J.Galstian(Nedda), G.Giacomini(Canio)
T.Novohradsky, J.Galstian, G.Giacomini
R.Rosen, J.Galstian, T.Novohradsky, G.Giacomini
T.Novohradsky, R.Rosen, J. Galstian, G.Giacomini
J.Galstian, G.Giacomini