Inaugural address by new Artistic Director(Opera),
Mr. Thomas Novohradsky

ThomasNovohradsky The New National Theatre is a fantastic theatre. It took a long time and affords to be built .6years ago it has been opened. A dream for a lot of artists and audience in Japan came through. There is hardly any other theatre in the world, which is technically more sophisticated than New National Theatre. 6 years are nothing for a theatre. It is a baby.
Now has the time come to make it walk and take it’s rightful place in the world. Japan is not only one of the most important nation in economics and politics, but also in all fields of culture. Furthermore, Japan has one of the best informed audience in the world concerning classical European theatre. Therefore it was the right step by the government to decide to have a National Theatre for European theatre culture. Now it is my duty to make the next step, to establish the New National Theatre as an opera house, which has to be the heart beat of Asia and soon should join the distinguished club of the top opera house of the world.

We all have to believe in the magic of opera. How poor and lonely would the world be without the theatre and music. How else could we better express our feelings, then with music. We are all part of this music, We are all part of this magic. Let’s enjoy it!

2003 / 2004 Season Lineup

Thomas Novohradsky
Artistic Director (Opera)
New National Theatre,Tokyo