2003/2004 Season Schedule of Plays

2003/2004 season schedule (September 2003 through July 2004) of New National Theatre Tokyo drama production was announced on Wednesday, 18 December 2002. 10 plays will be performed during the said season. The details of each play are as follows. You will surely enjoy our varieties of future production.

2003/2004 Season Plays

September 2003


nocturne by ISHINHA -New Production-
Presented by New National Theatre, Tokyo
Written and directed by Matsumoto Yukichi

October-November 2003

The Pit

Tokyo Trial Series; Part II
Four Seasons of SUGAMO Prison Gakuen (tentative title)
-New Production-
Written by Inoue Hisashi
Directed by Kuriyama Tamiya

November-December 2003


Written by Yamazaki Masakazu
Directed by Kuriyama Tamiya

March 2004

The Pit

KONNICHI-WA KASAN (Hello, Mummy) -Repeat Performance-
Written and directed by Nagai Ai

March-April 2004


TOMEI NINGEN NO YUGE (Steam of Transparent Man)
Written and directed by Noda Hideki

June 2004


Broadway Musical
INTO THE WOODS -Japan Première-
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine
Translated by Hashimoto Kunihiko
Directed by Miyamoto Amon

The Pit Series vol.4
Series: Scenes of Woman and Man

February 2004

Part 1
The Pit

Staged by theatrical groups invited from overseas vol.3
Hong Kong theatre ensemble
The Game
Presented by New National Theatre, Tokyo
Adapted, directed and performed by Jim Chim & Olivia Yan

April 2004

Part 2
The Pit

THE OTHER SIDE -New Production-
Written by Ariel Dorfman
Translated by Mizutani Hachiya
Directed by Son Jincheku

May 2004

Part 3
The Pit

TENOHIRA NO KOBITO (Dwarfs on Man's Hand)
-New Production-
Written by Suzue Toshiro
Directed by Matsumoto Yuko

June-July 2004

Part 4
The Pit

THE PETITION - Japan Première-
Written by Brian Clark
Translated by Yoshihara Toyoji
Directed by Kimura Koichi