Artistic Staff

Artistic Staff
Ballet Mistress : Ohara Noriko OBE
Guest Ballet Master : Jean Philippe Halnaut
Ballet Mistresses : Ishibashi Ayako
Assistant to Artistic Director : Chen Xiujie
Teacher : Sato Yuji Arai Sakiko Ilgiz Galimullin
Pianist : Eto Katsumi Hirusaki Ayumi
Ballet Mistress
Ohara Noriko OBE

  Born in Tokyo, Ohara Noriko joined the Tachibana Ballet after graduating from the Tachibana Ballet School. In 1956 she joined the Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo upon its establishment. She was selected as prima ballerina in Swan Lake in 1962, and also performed the principal role in Asuka Monogatari as a stand-in for Maki Asami who had been injured during a rehearsal. After this she performed in a number of classic and creative productions as prima ballerina of the Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo. She studied in the United States for seven months in 1971 and went to England in 1974. She successively performed with the New London Ballet, London Festival Ballet, and Scottish Ballet. She also became a member of the Basel Ballet in Switzerland in 1977.
  She received the Dance Critics Association Award in 1972, Minister of Education's Art Encouragement Prize in 1982, and Chieko Hattori Ballet Prize in 1991. Since 1995 she has also been involved with the Scottish Ballet and Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo as an instructor. In 1997 she became the first Japanese artist to be awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE), and in 2004 she was presented with the Medal with Purple Ribbon.

Guest Ballet Master
Jean Philippe Halnaut

  After performing with the Paris Opera and the Rhein Ballet, in 1981 Jean Philippe Halnaut became principal dancer of the Boston Ballet. In 1985 and 1986 he participated in a production by Roland Petit as the partner of Zizi Jeanmaire. He has also participated in many productions by various choreographers including Merce Cunningham, Glen Tetley, Kenneth MacMillan, Paul Tayler, Robins, Bejart, Balanchine, and Nureyev.
  In 1989 he was certified as a classic ballet instructor by the Paris Opera Ballet School, after which he was ballet master successively at the Teatro Verdi Trieste; the Naples, San Carlo Theatre; the Milan Scala Theatre; and the Rome Opera House. Since 2000 he has been involved in the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence as ballet master and as a production department assistant.

Ballet Mistress
Itabashi Ayako

Assistant to Artictic Director
Chen Xiujie

Sato Yuji
Arai Sakiko
Ilgiz Galimullin

Eto Katsumi
Hirusaki Ayumi

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