NAKAYA Masahiro was born in Osaka prefecture. He trained ballet under HOMURA Makio, MIYAMATO Toyoko, HOMURA Yoshio and Gennady SELUTSKY. He won second place in the junior category at the All Japan Ballet Competition in 2006, Bronze medal in the Vaganova International Ballet Competition. He trained in the Vaganova Ballet School for three years and danced The Nutcracker in 2007. He studied the Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo in 2010 and trained under MAKI Asami, MITANI Kyozo, KOJIMA Naoya and MORITA Kentaro. He danced the leading roles in Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Frollo in Notre-Dame de Paris, Ben Stevenson's Esmeralda pas de deux. He joined the National Ballet of Japan as soloist in 2015.